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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Personality Summary @ Program Gemilang Remaja Siber '2011'

Penceramah : Encik Mohd Nazmie

  • Popular Sanguine Summary - Let's do it the easy way!

"Nak jadi POPULAR macam Famous Amos! :D "

They are the attention seeker.

  • Powerful Choleric Summary - Let's do it my way!

"Orait, boss!"

Bossy, not concern about other's feeling and not suitable to express feeling to them.

  • Perfect Melancholic summary - Let's do it the right way!

"Perfect! "

Achieve perfection.

  • Peaceful Phlegmatic Summary - Let's do it the easy way!

"alar comelnya! Tenang je dia tido ;)"

Have no conflict and always trying to make peace even if it means they have to compromise.

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