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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A picture paints a thousand words

A woman walks on fresh snow in New York City's Riverside Park

 There's an abstract feeling on the picture. But it unexplainable on words. Only the strong sentiment heart could doing so. Only the heart that could imagine the feeling walking under falling snow that might sure melting on the other days. The distance felt so long to reach the journey and you're watching people's doing. Some of them are walking rushingly for their matter and some of them are snaping pictures, relaxingly ; a tourist maybe. ;) and there is some of them that walking, walking and walking without destination, bluring.. 

 Actually, the topic isn't on the story but it is the picture!

 I don't know why sometimes i feeling like i want to travel around the world, escape from trouble! Let people missing me, and they got it when i 'm gone. Human,, they will appreciate things or people when it's dismissed. So back to the topic ---> eventhough i got no chance to traveling ( at this time),  but i can see it from the picture.

Really,, A picture paints a thousand words..

Only the artist could read the words!

You're an artist?

you really mean it?

Prove it!

A picture belongs to 'a' heart!

(When it touched, it'll speaking!)

= english!

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